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Bringing an innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible



Is a bookkeeping business that provides accounting solutions to businesses from multiple industries. Located in Montreal


Tunti Beauty Bar

Is a lash service store in Vancouver that provides high-quality lash extensions and lifts, using only top-of-the-line products and techniques


Aventura Learning Tool

Is a course management tool that lets students take courses online and receive grades through a web app. Teachers send assignments and notify students of new courses


Digital coach - Becca

Is a sample website. Becca is a digital coach who specializes in providing businesses with digital branding and marketing solutions


Automation with AI

With this automation, users can generate blog posts using AI and conveniently refresh the blog section of their website without manual effort


Epsilom Tech Expo

Is a demo event management product made for an event. This tool allows attendees of this event to check into the event, see keynotes, and track the progress of this event


C.K. Danso Construction

C.K Danso Construction is a Vancouver-based construction company that specializes in interior redesign, kitchen renovations, hardwood flooring, tiling, and other related services

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